“Flowing as smoothly as if in a stream”

Medical Device as a Service.

Equipment investments as a life cycle procurement are an easy, reliable and predictable way of using health technology.

Physicians and nurses can focus on providing patients with the best possible treatment instead of spending time and energy on looking after equipment. Smaller investment costs increase flexibility and allow for using funds continuously in a way that improves the well-being of patients and the staff.


A service procurement model that does not require committed capital and eliminates the risks related to ownership.

ProFluent is based on the Device as a Service model where clients can get access to the required equipment, supplies and services with a monthly fee.

An inexpensive and reliable service package that includes the selected equipment and full use and maintenance services as well as the life cycle management of the equipment.

Flexible financing

Financing co-operation, OP Finance

ProMedical’s MDaaS service involves co-operation with the OP Finance service. This co-operation allows for a competitive low-interest financing model where the client has no financing or leasing obligations. A fixed monthly fee without any risks related to ownership covers the provision of the entire ProFluent service.


Proactive health technology procurement.

The ProFluent solution allows for procurement with a single competitive tendering process and a five-year agreement. Predictable costs minimise the client’s risks throughout the agreement period.

We are a distributor for the leading equipment and supply manufacturers in the world. In principle, all products in our selection guarantee a higher quality of health care and effectiveness that can be verified with modern indicators and analytics.

a mittareilla ja analytiikalla.

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Insurance co-operation, Pohjola Insurance

Typical warranty periods issued by manufacturers range from 12 to 24 months, covering any faults evidently caused by product defects. However, the warranty does not cover all faults and malfunctions that may occur throughout the device’s life cycle. ProMedical’s MDaaS service involves co-operation with Pohjola Insurance and the price of the service equipment always covers breakdowns. The insurance and the warranty cover together the entire life cycle of the equipment, allowing the client to focus on providing the best possible health services instead of managing the life cycle of the equipment.


Efficient operations are based on adequate and appropriate training.

The ProFluent service includes unlimited access to the ProMedical user training and support services. We will ensure that nurses, physicians and technicians receive adequate training in the use and processes of service equipment. We provide our ProFluent clients with personal training and webinars according to the client’s needs. As a ProFluent client, you can always call our technical support, where our highly skilled professionals will give you instructions or arrange personal training in the client’s premises, if necessary.


Disruptions must be kept to a minimum and reacted quickly in order to ensure the flow of operations.

The ProFluent solution covers all preventive maintenance and repairs during the equipment’s life cycle. If a device malfunctions, we will provide our ProFluent clients with a similar device for free while the original device is repaired. This ensures that our clients have access to functioning and maintained equipment without interruptions. We take responsibility for everything else. There are six ProMedical maintenance locations in Finland. Our staff is trained in maintenance and authorised to perform maintenance on the products by the manufacturers. We provide our services in co-operation with Nordic Service Group.


Available whenever necessary.

We invest in efficient logistics of new devices, supplies and spare parts. Our order-delivery process is straightforward and, thanks to our life cycle philosophy, we can improve the efficiency of our process even more. We have the most frequently requested spare parts and supplies in stock in Helsinki and they can be delivered quickly to clients. We will order additional spare parts from our suppliers with fast delivery, and if necessary we can provide our ProFluent clients with an equivalent device for the duration of maintenance operations.

We look after the equipment and supplies throughout their life cycles and we will pick up and recycle the products at the end of their life cycles in an environmentally friendly and confidential manner.


Our staff is a mix of healthcare professionals, business professionals and in-depth experts in value-based thinking.

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