For the best of smooth health care operations.

ProMedical is a pioneer in health technology. We want to support the reform of the industry and provide opportunities for change.


Effective solutions and maximum health benefits for patients

We exist to make health technology create more effective healthcare. We deliver maximum health to patients with effective health technology solutions and ensure results with our VBHC approach and analytics skills. We are a pioneer in health technology.


Beyond the Device

Beyond the Device

We are systematically following our selected path of change. We a a pioneer of life cycle services and value-based healthcare. We are recognized internationally and we are the leading health technology company in the Northern Europe.



Values ​​are at the heart of what we do

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We firmly believe that high-quality processes are the best guarantee for the effectiveness of health technology and that effectiveness is based on seamless co-operation between technology and people.

We are constantly developing our operations and solutions that allow for providing patients, healthcare professionals and society with effective health technology and services.


A partner in effective use of health technology

Our ProTeam currently consists of nine professionals. Our staff is a healthy mix of health care experts, business professionals and proficient effectiveness approach experts. Our head office is located in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki, and our branch offices and authorized maintenance staff can be found in Vantaa, Tampere, Kuopio, Oulu and Savonlinna. We provide our clients with partnership in all service procurements and solutions related to health technology.

Jenni Jurvanen
Application Specialist WhatsApp - Jenni Jurvanen
Christian Lindholm
Logistics & Warehouse WhatsApp - Christian Lindholm
Heta Sinkkonen
Key Account Manager, M.Sc. Econ. WhatsApp - Heta Sinkkonen LinkedIn - Heta Sinkkonen

Ultraääni- ja fuusiokuvantaminen, kivenmurskaus, laserkirurgia, urologiset syöpähoidot, dialyysi, gynekologiset tuotteet

Mobile +358 40 524 4750
Office +358 10 387 5700

I am Jenni and I work at ProMedical as an Application Specialist for medical devices. It is my responsibility to organize and implement trials and deployments of medical devices. I also arrange advanced training for our customers and act as the product specialist for our sales team.

Shall there be any technical questions related to our offering, I hope to be contacted at a low threshold!

Customer oriented approach is the cornerstone in everything I do. I truly enjoy every smooth encounter where I have managed to help our customers with their challenges. The hospital world is like a second home for me, due to years of working at HUS as a surgical nurse.

At home, my family life is boosted by three brisk children and a dog. I spend leisure time with my dogs on agility courses or, alternatively, I enjoy hiking on forest trails. In winter, it is fun to take a dip in the icy water.

My name is Christian and I am in charge of ProMedical Oy’s logistics. My job involves processing orders from our clients and dispatching them. In some cases, I may even deliver the parcel to the client myself. In addition to processing orders, I keep an eye on our inventory and order new products to our warehouse so that our clients can receive their orders as quickly as possible. My duties also include responding to various client enquiries. Fortunately, I am accustomed to having much on my plate as a family man. I have had the opportunity to use these skills at ProMedical, where I started in 2019. I immediately felt that I had found an ideal place for me when I came to ProMedical. The challenges and variety of the job and the opportunity to work with great people make my job interesting.

Ultraääni- ja fuusiokuvantaminen, kivenmurskaus, laserkirurgia, urologiset syöpähoidot, dialyysi, gynekologiset tuotteet

Mobile +358 40 864 4022
Office +358 10 387 5700

My name is Heta and I am the Key Account Manager for Turku University Hospital and Tampere University Hospital specific catchment areas in our company. I am in charge of ultrasound scanning and fusion imaging, lithotripsy, laser surgery, urological cancer treatment, dialyses and gynaecological products.

I am a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration. In addition to English and Russian, I can communicate in Estonian thanks to the two years I spent studying there. I spend most of my workdays on the road visiting clients, which is what I enjoy most in my work. Clients and doing things together are definitely the best things about my job. My style is relaxed and very natural with a professional approach. I perform my duties diligently but with good humour, and I believe that this style helps achieve the best possible solution in all situations. 

It is easy for my clients to approach me in all kinds of matters and I am always willing to help when needed, so let’s stay in contact!

Jaana Vyyryläinen
Operations Manager, M.Sc. Econ. WhatsApp - Jaana Vyyryläinen LinkedIn - Jaana Vyyryläinen
Joona Pulliainen
Managing Director, M.Sc. Econ. WhatsApp - Joona Pulliainen LinkedIn - Joona Pulliainen
Jukka Tolppa
Key Account Manager WhatsApp - Jukka Tolppa LinkedIn - Jukka Tolppa

I have worked at ProMedical since 2017. I am in charge of the development and functionality of operational activities, some administrative tasks mainly related to finances and HR, purchases and contacting principals about purchases. I am also responsible for submitting bids to public procurement processes and involved in customer service.

I am experienced in administrative tasks, leadership, sales, marketing and account management.

I am a quick learner who is curious, active, extroverted and interested in almost everything. It has always been important to me to have a job where I can learn new things and develop solutions and myself. I always strive to develop myself in my work as well as existing practices and I want to come up with ideas on how things could be done better and more efficiently, if possible. I am a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration.

I believe that teamwork yields the best possible results. At ProMedical, it is possible to have an impact by participating actively and working together. It is wonderful to be a part of a youthful, professional and dynamic working community.

My name is Joona and I am in charge of the broad principles of ProMedical’s business. The task with the most responsibility I have is to enable the well-being and development of our team—people are the most important resource to me and our company. I am a die-hard team player who is passionate about disruptive and innovative business models and strategic innovations. All business should be based on sustainable and socially responsible operations, and I hope that, first and foremost, our solutions are beneficial to patients and society.

I am an alumnus of Lappeenranta University and a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration. I am also a fifth-generation entrepreneur and a second-generation representative of ProMedical. I find being in the field of health technology is very inspiring, as we can improve the well-being of a lot of people with our expertise and operations.

In case you did not know already, I am very passionate about golf, and I can be spotted on the various greens across Finland in the summer. I also enjoy life on the seas at all times of the year. I am fascinated with boating, angling, cast fishing and ice fishing and I have served in the maritime activities of Territorial Forces for years.

Instrumentit ja tarvikkeet, suonikohjuhoidot, sähkökirurgia, laserkirurgia, valolähteet ja otsavalot

Mobile +358 40 581 7550
Office +358 10 387 5700

My name is Jukka and I work in sales at ProMedical. I have worked with hospital equipment and supplies since 1996. I started at ProMedical in early February 2008.

Already at the very early stages of my career, I sensed that working in this industry wouldn’t be boring or monotonous. And how right I was! My job has been both fun and tough, but it has always been meaningful thanks to the wide variety of client contacts and meetings. The constant need to develop and educate myself has also kept my mind vigilant.

Working in a service profession and ensuring a high quality of co-operation with clients are possible when an appropriate work-life balance is maintained. To me, visiting our secondary residence on Lake Saimaa outside business hours at all times of the year is important. I also like to spend time in the stands of Finnish baseball parks and ice halls. I listen to a lot of music from heavy metal to opera and, when it comes to literature, I like to collect Finnish detective stories. The most important modes of exercise to me are maintenance work at our secondary residence, walking and going to the gym.

Juuso Pehkonen
Head of Sales, eMBA student WhatsApp - Juuso Pehkonen LinkedIn - Juuso Pehkonen
Marko Kaistinen
Yritysvalmentaja ja coach, M.Sc. Econ. LinkedIn - Marko Kaistinen
Patrick Francke
Head of Value-Based Healthcare & Digital, M.Sc. Econ. WhatsApp - Patrick Francke LinkedIn - Patrick Francke

Instrumentit ja tarvikkeet, suonikohjuhoidot, sähkökirurgia, laserkirurgia, valolähteet ja otsavalot

Mobile +358 50 303 5578
Office +358 10 387 5700

My name is Juuso and I am an established member of ProMedical’s staff. I am in charge of sales in the region south of Pori and Lappeenranta (Helsinki University Hospital specific catchment area, Hospital District of Southwest Finland and Satakunta Hospital District). My specialties include instruments and supplies, varicose vein treatment, electrosurgery and laser surgery. I have a strong practical approach as I have spent several years working as a nurse. A positive attitude, genuine willingness to help and co-operation with clients help achieve the best possible solutions for each client. Satisfied clients are something I truly value.

I am passionate about developing the company and my own expertise and introducing new innovations to the industry. This goal is backed up by the eMBA studies I am completing while I continue to work. The studies provide a wider perspective on my work and support work performed in the steering group and challenging my colleagues with tricky questions.

Let’s find the right solution together.

I am a Professional Coach for ProMedical’s management and staff. I am passionate about helping people grow and develop into slightly better versions of themselves. To provide individuals and teams with opportunities to grow, make room and create balance in their everyday lives and assist by coming up with insightful questions. The most important thing is to establish a safe psychological growth environment for ProMedical together that supports our common journey towards pioneering the effective health technology industry.

I enjoy the thoughts and actions of people that create business results and positive experiences. I am a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration and I majored in entrepreneurship and leadership. In 2016, I became a certified master coach after completing my training with Integral Coaching Canada Inc. in Ottawa.

What did you not know about me? I am a father of two sons who have already moved away from home and I own a 13-year-old Finnish Lapphund. My hottest summer hobby is to learn the basics of sailing and how to sail a Murena 30 sailboat. I want to learn how to sing and play the guitar and establish a rapport with the audience… but this is a work in progress

My name is Patrick and my role is to develop the effectiveness approach of ProMedical and its clients. I am passionate about numbers and a product of the consulting industry who wants to improve the social welfare and health care sector in every possible way. I have experience in different roles and companies in the industry since 2007.

My goal is to identify the client’s needs and find the appropriate solutions from the selection of ProMedical and the industry in general. I feel that I have succeeded if the client feels the dialogue to be beneficial. An additional primary goal of mine is to verify that what we have to offer has a concrete impact on operations.

I am a father of two children and I like to spend “me time” in the comfort of my massive headphones and exercising.

Petri Andersson
Key Account Manager, M.Sc. WhatsApp - Petri Andersson LinkedIn - Petri Andersson

Ultraääni- ja fuusiokuvantaminen, kivenmurskaus, laserkirurgia, urologiset syöpähoidot, dialyysi, gynekologiset tuotteet

Mobile +358 44 239 4512
Office +358 10 387 5700

My name is Petri and I am the Key Account Manager for Kuopio University Hospital and Oulu University Hospital specific catchment areas at ProMedical. Every Monday morning, I start my car in Oulu, where I live. 

My employment history includes tasks and roles in pharmaceuticals and hospital equipment and supplies, so my expertise is based on various different therapeutic fields and specialties from restless feet to lymph node surveys. My current job description allows me to study interesting technologies and work with different types of clients, for example, different surgical ultrasound applications and users of laser technology.

My education and free time are related to sports and exercise. I graduated from the University of Jyväskylä as a Master of Science in Sport and Health Sciences. You should be warned that I like football, and Gösta Sundqvist and various other bands may make me burst into song.

ProMedical's Board of Directors

Joona Pulliainen
Board member
Pauli Waroma
Chairman of the board
Peik Lehtonen
Board member
Paulus Torkki
Board member