High-quality equipment with a conventional procurement model.


High-quality one-off purchases.

The investment is made as a one-off investment by the client.

The equipment is owned by the client and the client is liable for all costs related to its life cycle management after the warranty period.


Safety for the initial phases of the life cycle.

The warranty period issued by the manufacturer is typically 12–24 months from commissioning, depending on the type of equipment. During the warranty period, we will look after the commissioning of the equipment, commissioning training and the periodic maintenance operations specified by the manufacturer. After the warranty period expires, it is possible to conclude an additional maintenance and service agreement to provide additional safety and predictability throughout the life cycle of the equipment.


Effectiveness through health technology.

We are a distributor for the leading equipment and supply manufacturers in the world. In principle, all products in our selection guarantee a higher quality of health care and effectiveness that can be verified with modern indicators and analytics.

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Commissioning and training are always part of our services.

In terms of patient and user safety, appropriate and adequate user training is vitally important. Our highly competent instructors ensure that our clients have the ability to use the technology safely and efficiently to provide patients with the best possible health benefits.


Periodic maintenance is always included in the warranty.

We offer our clients maintenance and service agreements of different levels after the warranty period expires.

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Efficient logistics is all about timeliness and availability.

Our logistics chain is smooth and you can rely on the fact that our products are certified and comply with both local and EU-level requirements. We look after the entire supply chain of products, supplies and spare parts in an environmentally friendly way.

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