Effectiveness at the core of care.

ProMedical is a pioneer in value-based health care. For us, the most important thing is ensuring maximal health benefits with the use of limited health care resources.


How do we see effectiveness?

Value-Based Healthcare, Cost-Effectiveness, Overall Effectiveness, and the debate dictated by many similar terms, have risen to the forefront of social  welfare and health care strongly in the second half of the 2010s.

The goal of social welfare and health care services is to maintain and produce health with resources that are limited and determined within the framework of public finances. The challenge in social and health care is thus how to allocate resources so that they achieve the desired effects on health as cost-effectively as possible. In the bigger picture, at the global and national level, prevention and large-scale phenomena emerge, which, by resourcing, can bring about changes in public health. By moving the examination to the other extreme, it is also possible to achieve effectiveness with the tools used by healthcare, with effective health technology.

High-quality processes are the best guarantee for the effectiveness of health technology.

The most visible part of our services is the equipment and supplies provided by us. We also look after the entire use process from specifying the requirements to recycling the equipment at the end of their life cycle.